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Reusable Grocery Bag

Reusable Grocery Bag

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These ecofriendly re-usable bags can be folded into a heart shape for storing purposes with a small zipper compartment on the front. 


Each bag has a 14.5" width and is 16.5" in length

Color Pallet

Sunflower: Green, black, yellow, pink, white and red

Orange Raindrops: Orange, teal, and black 

Mother: Lime, emerald, black, and white 

Matrix: Green, black, and white 

Yellow Multicolor: orange, green, red, and black 

Bloom: Lime and red

Geode: Navy, red, yellow, and white

Chess: Red, black and white

Fall Leaves: Black, teal, white, brown, and tan

Scissors: Blue, yellow, green, orange, and black

Blooming Floral: Black, yellow, red, pink, and white

Teal Edges: Teal, aquamarine, black, and white

Pink Stream: Navy and Pink


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